Re-Cut Trailers

Dunno if anyone’s heard about these, but I love the hell out of them. Basically, people create fake trailers for films that completely re-sell them, usually by changing the genre. For instance, here’s one that makes The Wicker Man, appropriately, a comedy.

This one turns The Shining into a lighthearted romantic comedy:

What if Mary Poppins was a horror film?:

In this one, my personal favorite, The Fellowship of the Ring is re-imagined as a quirky dramedy…directed by Wes Anderson:

Anyway, I just wanted to share these because I personally find them hilarious, and I thought that others might as well. Enjoy!


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Josh Rosenfield

Josh Rosenfield is a Film Media major at the University of Rhode Island. He has been writing Popcorn Culture since 2010.

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