Final Oscar Predictions

I’ve seen a lot more nominees since my initial prediction, so here are my final predictions of the winners.

Best Picture

Will Win: The Artist

Should Win: The Artist

This is pretty much a two-way race between The Artist and Hugo. There’s some debate over this, but my money’s still on The Artist, and deservingly so.

Actor in a Leading Role

Will Win: Jean Dujardin

Should Win: Jean Dujardin

Runner-Up: Brad Pitt

Clooney’s stripped-down performance pegs him as the initial frontrunner, but Dujardin is so much fun to watch on screen. This race is closer than it appears, but I do think that Dujardin will win. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if he doesn’t. I’d love for Moneyball to win more awards than it is probably going to, especially in this category, because Brad Pitt’s understated but specific performance is one of his best ever.

Actress in a Leading Role

Will Win: Viola Davis

Should WinRooney Mara

Both of these women give great performances, but Mara does just as good a job as Davis with much more difficult material. The choice is obvious.

Actor in a Supporting Role

Will Win: Christopher Plummer

Should Win: Max von Sydow

It’s the same story as in the Lead Actress category. Though I would like to live in a world where the phrase “Academy Award-winner Jonah Hill” exists.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Will Win: Octavia Spencer

Should Win: Bèrènice Bejo

Spencer doesn’t do well enough in The Help to deserve an Academy Award. Bejo, on the other hand, is perfect in her role. She lights up the screen.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

Will Win: The Artist

Should Win: The Artist

Midnight in Paris‘s script was nothing special, and upsets are common in this category. The Artist, on the other hand, was a real accomplishment, so I think it’ll take it home.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Will Win: The Descendants

Should Win: Moneyball

The screenplay for The Descendants was a little uneven, but it’ll still probably win, even though Moneyball is far more deserving.

Animated Feature Film

Will Win: Chico and Rita OR Rango

Should Win: Kung Fu Panda 2

This is another two-way race. The critically acclaimed but little-seen foreign film, or less-critically acclaimed but financially successful studio product? It’s pretty up in the air at this point. But I kind of loved Kung Fu Panda 2 in spite of myself, so that’s what I’m rooting for.


Will Win: The Tree of Life

Should Win: The Tree of Life

I hated this movie, but it is undeniably beautiful. The Artist‘s beautiful black-and-white look might pull an upset, but Tree of Life is the clear frontrunner.

Art Direction

Will Win: Hugo

Should Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I have a feeling that Hugo is going to sweep the technical awards, but there’s no question that Harry Potter deserves this one for the phenomenal work that Stuart Craig and his team have done over the past ten years.

Costume Design

Will Win: Jane Eyre

Should Win: Hell if I know.

I’m guessing that the Academy will see the period costumes in Jane Eyre and think, “Those certainly look like clothes!” I don’t know much about this topic, and I didn’t see many of these films, so I can’t really predict this one.


Will Win: Michel Hazanavicius

Should Win: Michel Hazanavicius

Do I even need to go into details here? Go see The Artist!

Documentary Feature

Will/Should Win: Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory

Documentary Short

Will/Should Win: No clue.

Film Editing

Will Win: The Artist

Should Win: Moneyball OR The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Artist has very good editing, but those other two films have even better editing. There’s no other way to put that, that’s just how it is.

Foreign Language Film

Will Win: A Separation

Should Win: A Separation


Will Win: Albert Nobbs

Should Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

“Best Makeup” does not equal “Most Makeup”, but the Academy has yet to realize that.

Music (Original Score)

Will Win: The Artist

Should Win: The Artist

All of the nominated scores are really, really good, but The Artist narrowly gets the top spot. The music is the start of the film here, and the Academy should take notice.

Music (Original Song)

Will Win: “Man or Muppet”

Should Win: “Man or Muppet”

After being snubbed by the Golden Globes, the Muppets will have their day at the Oscars with this hilarious number. Rio doesn’t stand a chance.

Short Film (Animated and Live Action)

Will/Should Win: Haven’t seen any of these.

Sound Editing

Will Win: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Should Win: Drive

I just want Drive to win something, and this is the only category that it’s nominated it.

Sound Mixing

Will Win: War Horse

Should Win: Moneyball

Moneyball doesn’t get enough credit for the sound work done on that film. It’s pretty spectacular.

Visual Effects

Will Win: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Should Win: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

We all know what the obvious choice is here, but Harry Potter‘s visual effects were actually marvelous. I’m hoping for a win there.

The Academy Awards are at 7pm Eastern tonight. We’ll see if these predictions come to pass.


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Josh Rosenfield

Josh Rosenfield is a Film Media major at the University of Rhode Island. He has been writing Popcorn Culture since 2010.

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