Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

So it occurred to me that it’s been almost a full year since my last post here. I expect that if you follow this blog you also follow me on social media, in which case this post is redundant. But maybe you don’t, and you’re mildly curious about my absence. Maybe it’s just my ego telling me that there’s a person for whom this post will be relevant, I dunno. For posterity, if nothing else, it’s probably good to send an update.

I’ve actually done a TON of writing over the past year, more than I ever did on Popcorn Culture. I just haven’t been doing it, y’know, on Popcorn Culture. Around April of last year, I joined the staff of Audiences Everywhere, where I’m now a contributing editor. I’m also a contributing editor at Movie Fail now, but I’ve been writing there for two years now. In any case, all of my output has gone into those two sites since my last post here.

“But Josh,” some hypothetical person is thinking, “how will I ever catch up with all your output?” You’re in luck! Over at my new Tumblr, I’ve been posting links to everything I’ve had published, including an insane number of podcasts for Movie Fail. A lot of it’s really good! Here are some of my personal faves:

Marble Hornets“: An appreciation of the eponymous horror webseries, exploring why it works so well against all odds.

The Princess Bride Forever“:  I talk about how much I love The Princess Bride for a while. This one blew up on Reddit, so it’s a good thing it’s some of my better work.

Fixing What Ain’t Broken: Seven Ideal Director/Superhero Movie Match-Ups“: I think these are some solid choices.

Manakamana“: A review of that film.

The Iron Giant: A 15th-Anniversary Retrospective“: Exactly that.

Persona“: A review of that film. I think this is my best review, to be honest. But that’s just me.

So where does Popcorn Culture go from here? I don’t know. Frankly, at this point it’s hard to put a lot of effort into something that’s just for me. I’ve got too much on my plate as it stands, and I’m accountable to others for all of it. I won’t say I’m closing up shop here, because this might be a good space for something or other down the line. But I’ve moved on to bigger and better things, and I hope to keep going in that direction. Popcorn Culture was always meant to launch me into something else, and my best writing (for the most part) isn’t on here, so for the most part it’s served its purpose.

I know that I’m probably the only one who cares about this, so this little eulogy is purely for me. It just didn’t feel right to abandon Popcorn Culture without a proper goodbye. The good news is that this isn’t a goodbye for me! I’ll always be writing about movies somewhere. And now you know where that somewhere is. I hope you’ll follow me in my future endeavors!



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Josh Rosenfield

Josh Rosenfield is a Film Media major at the University of Rhode Island. He has been writing Popcorn Culture since 2010.

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