Reviews of Every Movie I Saw in 2012 (in .gif form)

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End of the Year Catchup Reviews

I’ve missed a lot of reviews in the past few weeks, and I apologize. If you know me, you know that perhaps my greatest flaw is my tendency to promise things and never follow through. There hasn’t been a weekly review in months, and that’s on me. While compiling my Best Films of 2012 list, I realized that half of them hadn’t even gotten a review on this site. Here, I’ll try to briefly summarize my feelings on some of my favorite films of the past year. This is unlike anything I’ve done before, so bear with me.

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Mini-Review: “Horrible Bosses”

On Horrible Bosses:


This was okay, I guess. It wasn’t revolutionary or anything, but I got more than a few good laughs out of it, and it bears the premise out as well as it possibly can. I liked their nod to Strangers on a Train, making it perfectly clear how aware they are of the similarities between it and this film. Colin Farrell was very funny, but I wish that he was on-screen more often. Kevin Spacey isn’t nearly as funny, but he is so much more important to the plot. If you want to make this type of movie, all three bosses must have equal screen-time. But anyway, this is worth a rental. It’s funny, occasionally clever, and if Jaime Foxx doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will.