The Top 20 Films of 2012

We’re now 11 days into the new year, and the amount of “top 10 X of 2012” lists has been endless. I’m sure you’ve gotten sick of them. Believe me, I have too. So why am I adding to the endless noise? Why am I contributing to the dilution of an art form by way of arbitrary ranking?

I dunno. Because it’s fun, I guess.

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A Review of “Seven Psychopaths”

Seven Psychopaths is quite the anomaly. Watching it is like watching someone crash a jet plane on purpose. It’s awesome to look at, but you wonder why they’d intentionally derail something so massive. Seven Psychopaths isn’t “massive” in terms of scope or scale or budget, but the first half of the film does set the audience up for some sort of bombastic shoot-’em-up finale. The genius of the film is in how it manipulates you into thinking you’re going to get one thing and then giving you another. This goes all the way back to the marketing, which presented an goofball action-comedy of epic proportions. Seven Psychopaths isn’t that movie. It doesn’t want to be that movie. But it wants you to think that it is, at least for a while.

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