The Top 20 Films of 2012

We’re now 11 days into the new year, and the amount of “top 10 X of 2012” lists has been endless. I’m sure you’ve gotten sick of them. Believe me, I have too. So why am I adding to the endless noise? Why am I contributing to the dilution of an art form by way of arbitrary ranking?

I dunno. Because it’s fun, I guess.

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End of the Year Catchup Reviews

I’ve missed a lot of reviews in the past few weeks, and I apologize. If you know me, you know that perhaps my greatest flaw is my tendency to promise things and never follow through. There hasn’t been a weekly review in months, and that’s on me. While compiling my Best Films of 2012 list, I realized that half of them hadn’t even gotten a review on this site. Here, I’ll try to briefly summarize my feelings on some of my favorite films of the past year. This is unlike anything I’ve done before, so bear with me.

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